I'm a mathematician specialised in Category Theory, particularly Categorical Logic and its connections to Set Theory and nonstandard proof methods (in the sense of nonstandard analysis and internal set theory). My main research interests lie in topos theory, tripos theory, constructive mathematics, category theory, and the foundations of mathematics at large. More recently, I've been concerned with the connections between Logic and Geometry.

I completed my PhD in 2022 in the Department of Pure Mathematics and Mathematical Statistics, University of Cambridge. My supervisor was Professor Peter T. Johnstone.

From October 2022, I've been an Acting College Lecturer and Director of Studies in Mathematics for Gonville & Caius College, Cambridge.  I shall also be Director of Studies (Part III) for St. Edmund's College starting October 2023.


Artin glueings of toposes as adjoint split extensions

Peter F. Faul, Graham Manuell, José Siqueira

Journal of Pure and Applied Algebra, vol. 227(5), 2023

Tripos models of Internal Set Theory

J. V. Paiva Miranda de Siqueira

University of Cambridge,, 2022 Jan 29

2-dimensional bifunctor theorems and distributive laws

Peter F. Faul, Graham Manuell, José Siqueira

Theory and Applications of Categories, vol. 37(34), 2021, pp. 1149-1175


Postgraduate courses

III Logic and Computability

University of Cambridge

Lectured in Lent 2022 for Part III of the Mathematical Tripos.

III Logic & Computability

University of Cambridge

Lectured in Michaelmas 2023 for Part III of the Mathematical Tripos.

Summer courses

Introdução à Lógica Categórica

Universidade de São Paulo

Lectured in March 2022 to final year undergraduates and postgraduate students.

Introdução à Teoria das Categorias

Universidade de Brasília

Lectured in 2017 to final year undergraduate and postgraduate students.


José Siqueira


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